How Vijay Parsana Revolutionised Alternative Therapy with Parsana Therapy Plate

Updated on : May 02 , 2024

Vijay Parsana's journey to revolutionise alternative therapy began with a desire to serve society with a non-invasive and natural medical device. His efforts culminated in the invention of the Parsana Therapy Plate, a groundbreaking approach that combines the science of reflexology and acupressure into a single, effective tool. This short-form blog post delves into the creation, science, and testimonials of the Parsana Therapy Plate, unveiling the impact it has had on the world of alternative health and well-being.

Understanding Reflexology and Acupressure

As the foundation of the Parsana Therapy Plate, it's crucial to first understand the healing modalities of reflexology and acupressure. Both therapies are based on the belief that certain points on the body correspond to organs and systems, and applying pressure to these points can promote physical and psychological well-being without any invasive procedure.

Reflexology, in particular, involves applying pressure to the feet, hands, and ears to stimulate or sedate corresponding points on the body. The benefits of reflexology include the reduction of stress and tension, improvement of blood circulation, and the facilitation of natural body functions.

Acupressure, on the other hand, is based on traditional Indo-Chinese medicine principles and involves using the fingers to apply pressure to specific points on the body. It is believed to balance the body's energy and enhance the body's ability to relax and promote healing.

Vijay Parsana's Journey

Vijay Parsana's mission to create an alternative therapy device that combined the principles of both reflexology and acupressure was born from a desire to foster better health practices. He observed that many people, especially those who frequented the gym, struggled to maintain a regular health regimen. Parsana believed that a hand-held health instrument that could be used at home and in the office would encourage more consistent health practices.

Thus, the concept of the Parsana Therapy Plate was nurtured—a device that would allow individuals to experience the benefits of reflexology and acupressure from the comfort of their own space. The development of the plate involved meticulous research to ensure the right layout of points and bulges, each serving a specific therapeutic purpose.

The Science behind Parsana Therapy Plate

The design of the Parsana Therapy Plate is not just about aesthetics; every bulge, line, and point serves a distinct function. The plate's layout is akin to an "energy matrix," where the positions correspond to vital points on the body that, once stimulated, can relieve tension, improve circulation, and promote overall health.

For instance, stepping on the Parsana Therapy Plate stimulates over six thousand specific acupressure points on the scalp, neck, shoulders, thorax, abdomen, and lower limbs. It claims to offer relief from migraines, insomnia, hypertension, arthritis, menstrual disorders, paralysis, constipation, and many more ailments.

Testimonials and Success Stories

The true measure of any therapeutic device lies in the lives it's able to touch. The Parsana Therapy Plate boasts a host of testimonials and success stories from individuals who credit the device for alleviating chronic pain, enhancing quality of sleep, and contributing to an overall increase in vitality.

A common thread among these testimonials is the plate's ease of use and consistent, tangible results. Users have reported that incorporating the Parsana Therapy Plate into their daily routines has been transformative, with many experiencing benefits within a short period.

About the Parsana Therapy Plate

The Parsana Therapy Plate – a pioneering device – has achieved significant milestones in the health and wellness industry. Not only has it been clinically tested and patented, but it requires no electricity and can be shared amongst family members, making it a truly inclusive wellness solution.

With just three 15-minute sessions a day, the Parsana Therapy Plate promises a multitude of health benefits, and its non-invasive nature means there are no known contraindications, promoting accessible wellness for all.


Vijay Parsana's invention of the Parsana Therapy Plate has reshaped the landscape of alternative therapy. Its unique integration of reflexology and acupressure, combined with the power of personal testimonials, offers a compelling argument for those seeking natural health solutions. As we conclude, we can reflect on the impact of Parsana's pioneering work and its potential to offer a more balanced and holistic approach to wellness.