Stone Therapy Plate

Acupressure Therapy Plate

Acupressure Therapy Plate

Parsana Air Therapy Plate


World Renowned, Well-Researched, Clinically Tested and Patented


Portability and Convenience

Portability and Convenience

Designed for easy storage and portability, you can take these therapy plates with you wherever you go.

Unique Selling Points (USP):

World-renowned Product: Recognized globally for its excellence.

Well-Researched Product: Backed by extensive research.

Trademark Registered: Registered with the Trademark Registry
in India.

All-in-One Self-Acupressure Device: A comprehensive solution
for holistic well-being

Key Features:

Export Quality: Crafted to meet international standards.

Global Availability: Accessible worldwide.

Versatile Use: Suitable for both home and office.

Eco-Friendly: No electricity required, made from non-toxic materials

Durable: Built to last.

Easy Maintenance: 100% washable for hygiene.

Shareable Wellness: Ideal for friends and family.

No Need for Trainers: Empowering self-care and wellness.

The 5 Locks of Human Body

Exercising on this simple, scientifically designed PARSANA THERAPY PLATE for just 15 minutes every day, either twice or thrice a day, opens up these 5 locks of our body essentially.

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I never knew muscle stiffness could affect circulation until I experienced it firsthand. Tight muscles restricted blood flow, leading to cramps and fatigue, impacting my daily life. Thankfully, I discovered the Parsana Therapy Plate, which restored muscle flexibility. While experts recommended exercises and therapies, my busy schedule didn't allow for them. Now, using the Parsana Therapy Plate alone, my muscles are relaxing quickly, and it's been a golden solution for my stiffness issues.

I was tired of muscle pain and discomfort, but then I discovered the Parsana Acupressure Therapy Plate, a remarkable solution. This invention relieved my muscle pain like never before and can target specific areas of discomfort. It even helped with insomnia, allowing me to sleep peacefully, free from muscle pain and tension. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a pain-free life with Parsana's acupressure therapy plate!

I'm amazed by the Acupressure Therapy Plate's results in improving my digestion. It exceeded my expectations. Using it brought instant relief and relaxation to my stomach, relieving bloating and indigestion. The best part? The effects are long-lasting, and I no longer suffer from post-meal discomfort. I'm truly grateful for this incredible device and its impact on my digestive health.

I heard about the Parsana Therapy Plate but was skeptical, so I decided to try it first. I tracked my discomfort, used it three times a day for 15 minutes with a one-week gap, and saw improvements in a month. After three months, diabetes and hormone tests showed astonishing results. Thanks to Mr. Vijay Parsana for this incredible and affordable product. Best wishes!!

I'm Rizwan Adatia from Dubai, managing over 200 multi-stores. I had heard about my friend Vijay Parsana's Self-Acupressure Therapy Plate and decided to use it. I ordered a substantial quantity and gifted it to many friends and family members. Those who used the plate experienced significant health improvements. Using it three times a day for 15 minutes enhanced the well-being of even those who were already fit. People with issues like digestion, sleep, sciatica, and body pains found great relief with this Self-Acupressure Plate. Vijay Parsana's 12 years of research culminated in this remarkable invention. I strongly recommend it for you and your entire family.

"My name is Ngaihlian from Imphal, Manipur. I used to suffer from leg and foot pain, mainly at night and in the morning. Thanks to Mr. Hemjibhai Patel from Palanpur, Gujarat, who introduced me to the Prasana Therapy Plate, my pain is gone. I ordered it on Amazon, received it on September 10, 2022, and have been using it regularly. It has significantly improved my leg and foot issues, and I no longer experience pain. I highly recommend the Prasana Therapy Plate, it's worth it!"

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