My name is Ngaihlian from Imphal, Manipur. I used to suffer from leg and foot pain, mainly at night and in the morning. Thanks to Mr. Hemjibhai Patel from Palanpur, Gujarat, who introduced me to the Prasana Therapy Plate, my pain is gone. I ordered it on Amazon, received it on September 10, 2022, and have been using it regularly. It has significantly improved my leg and foot issues, and I no longer experience pain. I highly recommend the Prasana Therapy Plate, it's worth it!

I'm Rizwan Adatia from Dubai, managing over 200 multi-stores. I had heard about my friend Vijay Parsana's Self-Acupressure Therapy Plate and decided to use it. I ordered a substantial quantity and gifted it to many friends and family members.
Those who used the plate experienced significant health improvements. Using it three times a day for 15 minutes enhanced the well-being of even those who were already fit. People with issues like digestion, sleep, sciatica, and body pains found great relief with this Self-Acupressure Plate.
Vijay Parsana's 12 years of research culminated in this remarkable invention. I strongly recommend it for you and your entire family.

I was tired of muscle pain and discomfort, but then I discovered the Parsana Acupressure Therapy Plate, a remarkable solution. This invention relieved my muscle pain like never before and can target specific areas of discomfort. It even helped with insomnia, allowing me to sleep peacefully, free from muscle pain and tension. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a pain-free life with Parsana's acupressure therapy plate!

I'm amazed by the Acupressure Therapy Plate's results in improving my digestion. It exceeded my expectations. Using it brought instant relief and relaxation to my stomach, relieving bloating and indigestion. The best part? The effects are long-lasting, and I no longer suffer from post-meal discomfort. I'm truly grateful for this incredible device and its impact on my digestive health.

I heard about the Parsana Therapy Plate but was skeptical, so I decided to try it first. I tracked my discomfort, used it three times a day for 15 minutes with a one-week gap, and saw improvements in a month. After three months, diabetes and hormone tests showed astonishing results. Thanks to Mr. Vijay Parsana for this incredible and affordable product. Best wishes!!

My family and I have been using this plate for two years now, and it's so durable that it still feels brand new. We believed in acupressure before, but we used to visit an acupressure therapist, paying for each session. Since we started using this self-acupressure plate, the expenses related to acupressure have reduced to zero.

We were planning to purchase Foot Acupressure Mats for patients at our public charitable trust's naturopathy health center. Therefore, we bought the Parsana Therapy Plate and placed it at the center. Regardless of the ailment, we encourage every patient who visits us to do some exercises on this plate for a short time. We have received a lot of feedback from various patients that their health has improved significantly with the use of this plate. It's a matter of great joy.

My elder sister in Mumbai suggested buying a Pain Relief Mat for my father. While searching online, I came across the Parsana Therapy Plate. It's truly remarkable how this plate has worked wonders at such an affordable price. Now, my father has found relief from all the joint pains he was experiencing.

I work in IT, spending long hours in front of a laptop. A friend once asked, 'If illness strikes, can you easily buy back good health?' This got me thinking, given the high cost of healthcare. A year ago, my friend gifted me a Parsana Therapy Plate, and today, I'm immensely grateful. It's not just a plate; it's the gift of good health. My previous health issues are gone, and I've never seen such an amazing product. I urge everyone in the IT field to get this plate as soon as possible.

I use this plate three times a day for 15 minutes each, and it has greatly improved my fitness. It has also naturally enhanced my digestion and sleep. I knew about acupuncture and reflexology, but I never expected Vijay Parsana's Self-Acupressure Therapy Plate to be so effective in relieving pain from various body parts. Congratulations on this incredible invention. I highly recommend it to everyone, including you and your family.

I never knew muscle stiffness could affect circulation until I experienced it firsthand. Tight muscles restricted blood flow, leading to cramps and fatigue, impacting my daily life. Thankfully, I discovered the Parsana Therapy Plate, which restored muscle flexibility. While experts recommended exercises and therapies, my busy schedule didn't allow for them. Now, using the Parsana Therapy Plate alone, my muscles are relaxing quickly, and it's been a golden solution for my stiffness issues.

I'm thrilled to share my experience with the acupressure therapy plate! As a long-time insomnia sufferer, I never thought I'd find a solution. But this therapy plate has been a game-changer. Just a few minutes before bed, it's improved my sleep significantly. The gentle pressure on acupressure points relaxes my mind and body, leading to peaceful, deep sleep. No more tossing and turning – the acupressure therapy plate has been a godsend for my insomnia.

When despite trying many allopathic medicines, my mother's pain persisted, someone suggested that acupressure offered numerous solutions. Books were available, and it didn't seem complicated. I initially bought an acupressure pen, but it didn't work well due to our limited knowledge. Then, I took a risk and purchased Parsana's Self Acupressure Therapy Plate. Now, it's easy; my mother simply stands on it. It's been six months, and she's found relief from all types of joint pains. Even my father has started using it. I'm impressed because I've never seen a better or easier-to-use acupressure device anywhere else.

The Parsana Acupressure Therapy Plate has been a game-changer for managing my extreme stress and anxiety. The remarkable results I've experienced are truly amazing. Using this self-acupressure therapy plate to apply pressure has helped me release tension and achieve natural relaxation. My once-consuming stress and anxiety have significantly reduced, leading to a more balanced and peaceful life. The Acupressure Therapy Plate has been a lifesaver, and I'm thrilled with the positive transformation it has brought to my overall well-being. Thank you, Parsana Acupressure Therapy Plate!!

When the person who had these therapy plates introduced them to me and said, 'This is a completely natural therapy, and you won't experience any side effects,' I was initially unsure. However, I later learned that it's a patented product, so I began using it with confidence. Following the instructions from the video, my sciatica pain completely disappeared, and other aches and pains in my body are no longer an issue.

After using Vijay Parsana's Self-Acupressure Therapy Plate, I've learned that fitness isn't just about intense exercise or relying solely on vitamins and minerals. Our experience shows that people of all ages should incorporate the Parsana Self-Acupressure Therapy Plate into their routine, along with a balanced diet. It's the best way to maintain your health.