The Inspiration behind one of the biggest inventions in "Self Acupressure"

Parsana is a pioneer, a very well established, respected and most sought-after brand in the Health & Fitness industry. It has been successfully making people fit since the past 35 years with the prime objective of helping people build good mental and physical health. The CEO, Mr. Vijay Parsana is a spiritual philosopher, philanthropist, and a health & fitness expert with extensive knowledge on food, diet, exercise and health! After successfully running 22 gyms for 19 years in Gujrat region of India, he went in research, learning & travel mode for several years before launching this new, unique and breakthrough fitness product named “Parsana  Therapy Plate”!

(Parsana Group)

He has researched extensively on this subject for 12 years and found out that by doing some simple exercises at home for 15 min twice a day on a therapeautic plate (designed scientifically with special mounts and points) can provide amazing relief in all your conditions. He found out that there are 5 main locks (pain points or stiffness points) in our body present in the:

  1. Brain
  2. Shoulder
  3. Back
  4. Knee
  5. Inner Thigh

And if you open these 5 locks of your body, you will find relief in all your conditions listed above and beyond and become fit as a fiddle over a period of time!

He also came up with a simple device you could use to open up these 5 locks of your body called the PARSANA ACUPRESSURE THERAPY PLATE. Exercising on it for just 15 minutes opens up these 5 locks of your body. It has helped thousands of people up until now. Don’t miss out and check it out today to get that much needed smile on your face!

About Parsana Group

Parsana the pioneer in initiating fitness trend in Gujrat with more than 19 years of experience and Multiple Chain of Health Centre has come up with the proposal to collaborate with the corporate for the betterment of their employees.

Parsana Gym began in the Millennium year as a Proprietary Concern soon expanding to new and enchanting Health Centres all over Gujarat converting to Parsana Health Centre Private Limited by 31st January, 2005. 

Parsana Group is the creation of Mr. Vijay Parsana who has spend more than three decades in materializing his vision of bringing fitness revolution in various groups such as youths, middle-aged as well as 60s and plus. Training many IAS, IPS Officers, Govt. Personnel, Reputed Persons from Educational Institutions, Hon. Judges of Gujarat High Court. He has drastically changed the perception about “Fit Health and life”.

Parsana always aimed to focus on physical as well as mental both aspects in terms of solving issues such as overweight/underweight, low flexibility, insufficient stamina, joint pain, maintaining of proper protein levels.

Returning the benefit to all the stakeholders we have undergone several health & fitness programs along with donations to promote & encourage these activities-
-Active Cattle Welfare
-Environment protection Activities
-Establishment of fitness centers in school, central jail, Gujarat Police
-Health Programs,Seminars in Educational Institutions
-Free Health Survey & Treatment
-Support in Building Resources for Jail kitchen
-Donating Clothes
-Organizing & managing different Health Events
Parsana Charitable Trust invites and provides Platform to donors, social activists and technocrats willing to utilize their money, time and talent for betterment of living beings and environment.

Seed sown by Mr. Vijay Parsana with the vision of fit & healthy individuals the concept of PARSANA HEALTH CENTRE PVT LTD was emerged. Team Parsana lead by Mr. Vijay Parsana has always worked giving versatile results from more than 19 years leading to happy faces. Parsana Aims at healthy development of Body, Mind & Soul breaking the barriers of age, gender, occupation (type of work), lifestyle. From floor exercise to aerobics to meditation to yoga. Parsana has come up with dynamic fitness programs & products such as Parsana Wellness linked up with Parsana 9 Up Ayurvedic Vital Drink & many more in pipeline.